Commercial Loans

At First Security Bank, we understand that many business opportunities demand fast, flexible financing. Whether you need short-term working capital, or a commercial mortgage, start-up funds or a bridge loan, our experienced Commercial Lending Officers will help you select from a wide range of funding options.

Lines of Credit – Borrow money instantly, for whatever reason – with a simple phone call. You can use your credit line (secured or unsecured) to increase working capital, fund investments, take trade discounts, improve liquidity, meet short-term cash needs or finance receivables and inventory.
(Credit approval required)

Term Loans – Perfect for medium- to long-term needs, such as business expansion, acquisitions, debt restructuring, purchase of equipment and permanent working capital. They are made in the form of a lump-sum disbursement, paid back over a period. Term Loans (secured or unsecured) can provide you with a fixed amount up to seven years and can be used for most any business need. (Credit approval required)

Quick Start Your LoanClick here to get the Schedule of Business Documents you’ll need to get started or renew an existing loan.